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Hello, I’m

Bekure Amehayes

Software Engineer Full stack web & mobile developer Online Instructor

Hi. I’m Bekure, a full-stack web developer with 5 years of
commercial experience creating successful websites .

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Hello, I’m

Bekure Amehayes

Software Engineer Full stack web & mobile developer Online Instructor

Hi. I’m Bekure, a full-stack web developer with 5 years of
commercial experience creating successful websites .

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Hello, I’m

Bekure Amehayes

Web Developer from NewYork Web Junior from California Web Senior from NewYork

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My Services

Service Provide For My Clients.

Software Solutions

I am ready to take over your projects and develop software solutions with full warranty and support.

Webite Development

I build fast, successful, secure, user-friendly, and easy-to-manage Web applications for my clients.

Digital Marketing

I offer a wide range of solutions to help businesses increase their online presence and reach their target audience.

E-commerce Solutions

I help businesses to create and manage effective online stores, ecommerce sites or marketplaces.

Payment Gateways

I offer a wide range of online payment methods to help businesses get paid online.

SMS Solutions

I integrate SMS gateway functionality into various systems using different technologies.

About Me

I develop to help people

I am a software developer. I strongly understand programming concepts and computer science principles as a software engineer. I am able to design, develop, and maintain software systems using various programming languages and tools. I can work well in a team environment and collaborate with other engineers, product managers, designers, and other stakeholders to deliver high-quality software that meets specific requirements. I am also able to stay current with new technologies and industry trends in the field of software engineering, which is constantly evolving. My skills and knowledge make me an asset to any organization that develops software.




Open Source Project


Line Of Codes

Stockie Operating Across The World

My Development journey

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Intern Development

As an intern developer, I am eager to apply my foundational knowledge in coding and software development gained through coursework and projects. I am motivated to learn from experienced professionals, contribute to real-world projects, and enhance my skills in a practical setting. I am adaptable, enthusiastic, and ready to take on challenges while absorbing as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Junior Developer

As a junior developer, I bring hands-on experience in software development and a solid understanding of programming languages and frameworks. I have successfully contributed to projects, collaborated within teams, and honed my problem-solving abilities. I am passionate about continuously learning and improving my skills, seeking mentorship, and delivering high-quality code while embracing new challenges with enthusiasm.

Senior Developer

As a senior developer, I possess a wealth of experience and expertise in software development, having worked on diverse projects and acquired in-depth knowledge of multiple programming languages, architectures, and methodologies. I am skilled in leading teams, providing technical guidance, and architecting robust solutions. My focus lies not only on writing code but also on mentoring and fostering innovation, aiming to drive impactful results and meet complex business objectives.

Tech Stack

I Develop Skills Regularly

Online Payment Methods 95%

Laravel / Php 95%

Node JS 90%

React Js 78%

Vue Js 70%

Java 80%

JavaSrcript 90%

SMS Methods 85%


I care About My Customers Experience Too


Odda Kussa

251 Gifts Plc.

I am impressed with your services and how you consistently exceed customer expectations. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest quality. He has great attention to detail and are able to troubleshoot and debug complex issues quickly.


Fitsum Kasahun

Beten Ethiopia Plc.

Your services have impressed me greatly, I am left in awe of how you consistently go above and beyond to meet customer needs. I am impressed by your commitment to customer satisfaction, it is evident in the level of service provided.


Fisseha Kassa

Abyssinia Bank.

Without a doubt one of the most talented programmers out there. I always go back to Bekure when I’m out of my depth and he’s never failed to deliver what I ask for. Smart, trustworthy, and professional. You won’t be disappointed.

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Address: Dallas,Texas,USA

+1 945 2674814


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